Julie and the Phantoms Movie Review

Julie and the Phantoms Movie Review

Julie and the Phantoms Movie Review

Hello everyone ,so I am going to be reviewing Julie And The Phantoms. If you didn’t already know it’s a tv series on Netflix.

Netflix Synopsis

 Julie is teenager who finds her passion for music and life while aiding  the Phantoms (a trio of ghostly guys) Luke ,Alex and Reggie become the band they were never able to be.

My thoughts on Julie And The Phantoms

I find musical tv series interesting because I am a creative myself also I enjoy singing and listening to good music.I like that this was a high school drama because high school tv series  always make me feel nostalgic .

Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate how hot the guys from the band are .Not only are they hot but their vocals are so amazing . I mean Charlie Gillespie who played Luke is smoking and his chemistry with his co star Madison Reyes who plays Julie is off the charts.He has also starred in the Tv series Charmed reboot ,2nd generation and Degrassi next class .He also starred in the film Runt and the Rest of us. Can i just say I just followed him on Instagram.

When I heard Madison Reyes (Julie) voice all I was wowed .The music in this tv series had me nodding my head to the beat and dancing on my bed .

Is it just me or her best friend Jadah Marie Johnson who plays Flynn  looks a bit like  Keke Palmer and Marsai Martin. Anyways I like how sassy and pushy she behaved  . It just got me thinking that I need a best friend like that in my life Lol.

Julie and the phantoms song ranking

  1. Unsaid emily
  2. Stand tall
  3. Wake up
  4. Finally free 
  5. Bright
  6. Edge of Great

I like all the songs in My favourite song in this TV series is Unsaid emily. This song made me cry.

Overall I recommend you watch this TV series ,I feel like if you liked To all the boys I have ever loved and Kissing Booth 1 and 2 then you will definitely enjoy this drama.

I hope netflix releases a season 2.Let me know what you think about this movie in the comment section .Have u watched this movie ?Would you consider watching it ?What is your favourite song ?

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