Alice Korean Drama Review 

Alice Korean Drama Review 

Alice Korean Drama Review

Welcome guys and i just want to give you some of my thoughts on this k-drama called Alice . It aired this August and I just binged watched the first 4 episodes .Sadly I wish I waited for the drama to finish . Now I am left in suspense until more episodes air.

Viki Synopsis

In the year 2050 and time travel exists thanks to Alice. But a rumor based on a prophecy begins to spread about time travel coming to an end.  You Min Hyuk and Yoon Tae Yi are sent to the year 1992 to find out about the prophecy, Tae Yi realizes she’s pregnant and decides to stay in the past by herself. She changes her name to Park Sun Young and eventually gives birth to a beautiful son named Park Jin Gyeom, whose mental health suffers due to radiation exposure. Then in the  year 2010, and Park Sun Young is murdered and  10 years after her death, her son Jin Gyeom is on a mission to find who is responsible for his mother’s death. But while searching, he runs into Yoon Tae Yi, a physics professor who looks exactly like this mother. 


My thoughts on this drama 

Well where do i begin , so first of all i am just going to give you a bit of background on my k drama journey . I love action and sci-fi genres k drama ‘s  and this drama has given me everything , so much so i can’t wait for more . When i first started watching it , i thought it was just your usual action drama . I have a  confession to make i didn’t actually read the synopsis before watching this drama. Honestly i randomly just put in on because i was bored .

Actor Joo Won (Park Jin-Gyeom )

Firstly Actor Joo Won (Park Jin-Gyeom ) is so cool in this drama . I enjoyed watching him grow up . His character is  a’friends ‘ to actress Lee Da In who plays (Kim Do-Yeon) . They have been friends since high school. If you have watched this drama it is so obvious that she likes him but he doesn’t know .Park Jin-Gyeom  has a condition called alexithymia which is a condition  where he is unable to  identify  and describe emotions. Apparently this might have been because his mother Kim Hee – Seon (Park Sun-Young) was pregnant when she time travelled from 2050 .His fight scene in this drama is so dope . Anyway He later on becomes a policeman due to his mom’s murder .

Kim Hee – Seon (Park Sun-Young) and Yoon Tae-Yi

So let’s talk about Actress Kim Hee – Seon  who plays (Park Sun-Young) and Yoon Tae-Yi. At the beginning of episode 1 she gave me black widow vibes which i thought was so cool . I definitely enjoyed watching her transition from an Alice agent to a loving and caring mum . From what I understand Alice is a company that deals with time travel and she time travelled with her partner and boyfriend Kwak Si-Ang(Yoo Min-Hyuk) to 1992 to find the book. The book is a prophecy that foretells the downfall of time travellers . She betrays Alice and runs away with the book leaving behind her partner and boyfriend  because he wanted her to abort the child . So she ends up staying in 1992 because of her son and she raised him until she was murdered in 2010.

She also plays Professor Yoon Tae Yi ,which is Park Jin-Gyeom’s mum doppelganger  who is a  physics professor at a university. 

Also i just wanted to mention that there are so many hot actors in this drama.Just to name a few,

Kwak Si-Ang (Yoo Min-Hyuk)

Kwak Si Yang

Park Jin-Gyeom ( Joo Won)


Ki Cheol-Am (Kim Kyung -Nam)

Ki Cheol-Am

Yang Ji-ll (Choi Seung-Pyo)

Yang Ji-ll alice

I really like this k-drama and i would recommend you watch it .If you have watched let me know what you think so far in the comment .

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