Alice Episode 3:K-drama Recap Part 1 

Alice K drama Episode 3 Recap Part 1 

Alice Episode 3 Recap :K-drama

Joo Won walks  into the classroom to see professor Yoon Tae Yi teaching .

He goes and hugs her in front of the whole class.

She carried him to her office where he interrogates her  .How old are you ?Joo Won asks 

Are you more than 50 years old?, Have you ever had  a son?Were you born in 1968 .Joo Won continues asking .Professor Yoon Tae Yi kicks him out .Joo Won asks the police to do a background search on her .


Joo Won then goes to visit Professor Yoon Tae Yi’s parents restaurant where he meets her sister Yoon Tae Yeon.He invites her to a restaurant where he asks her about Professor Yoon Tae Yi’s personality .Her sister tells Professor Yoon Tae Yi that she met  a hot cop named Park Jin Gyeom today .That he knew things about her but got her personality wrong .


Park Jin Gyeom goes to visit his mum’s grave 


So back in Alice , it has been reported that the missing time card from one of the clients has not been submitted as evidence susYoo Min Hyuk suspects  that Park Jin Gyeom has the time card  Yoo Min Hyuk Reads the background research done on Park Jin Gyeom .


Park Gin Gyeom is at a library reading Professor Yoon Tae Yi’s book when Alice agents appear.They tell him to return the card .He refuses to return it .The Alice Agents blow off all the lights in the library and throws down the sphere that brings out a lot of smoke.After that an epic fight scene happens .


Yoo Min Hyuk Punches him and an Alice agent takes back the time card .Park Jin Gyeom has a flashback when he sees Yoo Min Hyuk’s gun. He now thinks that it is Yoo Min Hyuk that killed his mother because he is using the same gun as his mother’s killer . Then Joo Won and Yoo Min Hyuk start fighting ,Yoo Min Hyuk leaves when he hears the police arriving 


Professor Yoon Tae Yi is called into the department heads  office . a student has dropped out of her joint research and he wants the presidents nephew to join the research or for her to put his name on it  .she refuses and says her student has been losing their hair because of this research for the past three years .she gives the drink he gives her to the cleaner 


Park Jin Gyeom goes to visit professor Yoon Tae yi . She asks him if he is a stalker and why did he go to spy on her family .He apologises and asks her for a favor.  Park Jin Gyeom shows her the time card and asks her to find out what the card is . She says it looks like an ordinary card and she refused because she has a lot of work to do  .Joo Won asks her if she believes in time travel , he tells her that when he grabbed the card the objects around him started floating.She then says he was drunk. She tells him that she saw a drone without propellers and what he is saying is just as ridiculous . Park Jin Gyeom asks her her if she was chasing the drone and that’s where he first saw her .

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